TROD Journey

You can only surf one wave at a time.

Although many are similar, some are yet, so different; Much like my customers.

I build boards for surfers, all kinds, one board at a time…

My job is to merge my understanding of the craft I love, to meet the needs and expectations of the rider, in the form of a surfboard design, through knowledge and communication.

It has been my pleasure to do so since 1989, with some of the most interesting, creative, talented and insightful people I’ve known; exchanging knowledge, ideas and information in collaboration, creating, developing and proving these designs I bring to you.

Maybe you will find the board you have been envisioning in one of these TROD models, or perhaps you will allow us to help make your dream board a reality.

As the surfing community, we are blessed of God to engage in a sport so closely related to His beautiful creation, far removed from the world system, able to express ourselves freely, clearing our minds and hearts; let us think of these times as a gift, and remember all of His.

Joseph De Bello

JD initials

Jeremiah 5:22