Short Boards and Guns


A high performance stub-nose design, for riders who wanted a shorter board without going wider, and yet maintaining the same volume.


One of the most fun high-performance shortboards you will ever ride. This model will make it hard for you to paddle in…


This model is the go-to choice for most riders when the drops and the faces get a bit much for their favorite shortboard, and not so much to merit a gun.


I could sum this design up in 2 words; Fast & Furious . This is the latest in the TROD line of high performance shortboard equipment, and it's generating a lot of feedback and excitement.


Now we're talking a gun. Tried and true designs, to take on the big ones. Tested in the waters of Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska; you can paddle into large waves with confidence knowing many others have paddled to victory before you.


The Invader is a very popular model; I've built so many of them it's crazy. I think it is because the Invader is so basic to the needs of the average surfer.


A maneuverable, performance oriented, down-the-line racer. Loves to bust moves in and out of the pocket; especially tail slashing…


If there could be a one-design-fits-all in the world of high performance shortboarding; the Mutilator would be it.


A high level small wave performer. The Obliterator is a very well balanced board that has a single concave bottom and continuous rocker.


The Raptor is a remarkably stealth-like performance twiny that is nimble and positive, ready for on demand commands.


I cant wait till fall when the swells start rolling in off the Gulf of Alaska, but for now, its my Refuter that makes summer worth paddling out for.


Our latest in Mini-Gun designs, when you’re feeling less than comfortable on your shortbard and not ready to go full gun.


TROD's newest big wave design, utilizing a more continuous rocker and a single concave feeding a spiral type V bottom. There is a harmony of design concepts, and options, that come together in this model; making it an exceptional choice for some riders.


A versatile, high performing main stay, with an emphasis on drivability and thrust. Most power surfers love this model.